By Stars that Bind

This is of a world where only the Splendent will survive or make a mark upon the sky of already bright stars.

The world has seen civilizations rise and fall, kings fight only to wither and die, Gods to be born only to return to the void, people only to live and love to find hope gone, magic from the earth only to have it bring destruction upon the land. This is a world of conflicting hopes and dreams that become a shattering aspect upon reality.

Only those willing to leave a mark do, but the spark of destiny only shines so bright amongst so already bright stars.

The Year is 2850 of the Sacred Age of Esgal.

An existential dread has gripped Esgal. After a lengthy war of attrition on the continent, every nation is fighting to maintain its populations and borders as the wilds are taking over once more due to the inability of people to keep the wilderness at bay.
The peoples of the Ten Nations have yet to bury the dead as the task is too monumental. The corpses of fallen soldiers and heroes lay in the streets of abandoned towns, once worn highways.

There are many unsubstantiated reports coming from the rural areas that the dead are rising and roaming the wilderness in some way to avenge their forgotten state in the world. Peasants are constantly leaving their homes to be abandoned, running without food to enter into the larger urban centers, even if the nation cannot sustain the numbers of refugees.

The food stores are constantly dwindling and are being corrupted by the elements and bugs. The Fairy Court of Summer ruling in Andorian has sent envoys to every other nations granting all the food needed to sustain them, but some people are hesitant to accept the help of the unmarried Fairy Queen, who sees herself as a goddess from the fairy realm. Andorian has also become a neutral state that will no longer participate in conflicts involving any other nation within the continent. The Queen has even ruled that aiding countries from barbarian or monstrous hoards is out of the question as her people will concentrate on feeding the starving of the landmass they inhabit.

The Academy of Sorcery has sold large amounts of their graduates to every corner of the continent in exchange for a stronger peace for Temolgilia, and also to forfeit any magical resources if the wizard’s deem them necessary to carry out any duties.

The gnomes of Ralothia and all of Esgal, who were adept at creating technological wonders through both science and magic, are now extinct as the last war saw a plague that specifically targeted the gnome genome which was the reason they were wiped out a cure was unable to be found before the population completely died.

The event that ended the war was the sudden and unexpected death of every cleric on the continent. In their beds, on the road, in tents, during services, and even on the field of battle were their bodies found. In not one instance was a cleric found to have lived this event. The nations have yet to find the source of the cause of this anomalous event, but fear that greater forces could be at play. After knowledge of this event was made public, the nations signed a treaty of peace.

Because all of the clerics were killed by an unknown event at the end of the Last Great War, the continent lacks a strong religious presence. Lay priests and ministers are doing their best to rally the faithful, but the temples remain empty and the sacred scrolls are sold as cheap curiosities and historical artefacts when clerics walked the continent. Kings and the rulers of each nation are fearing for their lives in that they no longer can easily have the services of the Gods on their beck and call. The Gods are said to still answer the prayers of the people but all remain skeptical. Any cleric setting foot upon the continent or those that could self-educate themselves are awarded top leadership roles of their faiths, lordships, armies, and castles of once great lords who are now dead. Few new clerics have arisen and the people fear the Gods are abandoning the world.

By Stars that Bind

By stars that bind