The War of the Ascended Masters

The War of the Ascended Masters is the event that refers to the war of attrition between all known nations in Esgal. The war only lasted, openly, for a decade. The consequences of the war have been felt so strongly that the population of Esgal is now in the Thousands.

The unintended consequences of the war were the genocide of the Gnomes of Esgal, and the event refereed to as the Divine Scarring.

The Divine Scarring is the final event that lead to the unanimous peace across Esgal, or at-least a governmental mandate in which war would no longer be waged.

The Beginnings of War

The Nations of Esgal have often warred with each-other, and they have even seen war as a competition to Ascend to Godhood at the behest of the collective consciousness of Esgal. The great heroes, alliances, and rulers of Esgal upon winning the Godly War are ascended to Godhood upon Esgal in a manner similar to how the Fairy Pantheon Ascends, but without the need for conflict or war. The Ascended Masters themselves never participate in the war and have often found that their divine powers fail them when trying to determine a winner.

Blood for the Throne

The Ascended Masters, although not participating in the war, are given the task of telling the nations of Esgal that the land itself calls for war for the prize of Ascension. The masters then meet all in one place, and are responsible at telling the Nations that the Land calls for specific actions to be completed within the war for ascension to be possible. After the meeting of the Masters, they had concluded that the consciousness of the continent of Esgal wished for the blood of the people to soak the land, make it ripe for a harvest of divine essence. The wars to come would then be brought about by attrition, blood, and vengeance.

The Ascended Masters

There are only three Ascended Masters left in Esgal, and they have taken up seats of Divine Power over the nations that they rule. Although there were many Ascended Masters acting as divinities throughout Esgal, they were killed in the war by brave heroes and armies that were seeking to drench the lands in blood. They deem the war a failure as no faction is a clear winner. These beings of immense power however deem that the continent of Esgal never intended for a clear winner in the war, that perhaps the land itself is telling the Nations and the rest of the world that a New Age is upon us, the Sacred Age of the Ascended Masters is over.

The Divine Failure

Although the people of Esgal waged the war of ascended masters in the fashion that was divined, no new ascended master was chosen by Esgal or had come forth.

Temolgilia and Ralothia

These nations formed a divine alliance at the beginning of the war and as an assurance of such traded military and technological advancements with each-other.

Omen of a New Age

The remaining Ascended Masters have claimed that because the war was a failure, this was a sign from the greater divine powers that a new fabric of reality for Esgal would be woven, they just do not know what this may be and have taken to ruling as Gods over nations that were nearly destroyed by the war.

The War of the Ascended Masters

By Stars that Bind Ellardin